Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Know Your Broker: 23Traders.com Detailed Broker Review

As a top quality broker in the industry today, 23Traders offers traders a transparent and secure platform to trade binary options and forex with ease. A simple search online will reveal many 23Traders reviews which quickly confirm the many satisfied traders around the world that use the broker’s services and trade successfully. From a responsive customer support team, effective trading tools, a wealth of educational material, a wide choice of assets and trade options to trade, access to mobile trading, secure banking processes, everything you need to trade binary options online, can be found under the 23Traders umbrella.

This 23Traders review will outline the different services, features and tools offered by the broker, giving both new and experienced traders the opportunity to learn more about a top quality broker.
23Traders is a binary options brokerage outfit established in 2013 by 23 dedicated traders. The company is owned by Hermes Ventures Ltd which is located in Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 23Traders is regulated by the VFSC (Vanuatu International Financial Services Commission) under license number 14536, which they acquired in 2015.

Trading Platform

23Traders stands out from other brokers by offering an intuitive trading platform, powered by SpotOption, which is easy to use and to navigate. The trading platform is completely available online and hence no additional download is necessary. 

The state-of the art technologies offered by the trading platform also ensure that all trades are executed quickly thereby eliminating any occurrences of costly delays. In addition, the 23Traders platform comes with a string of risk management trading tools such as Sell, Rollover, which are designed to reduce the risk of trading while securing the rewards.

Traders can also use the versatile 23Traders mobile trading app in order to facilitate trading even while on the go. The mobile app is freely available on Google Play and the Apple App Store and traders can easily access the trading platform, monitor their account balance, gain access to real time charts and market data, all from any smartphone or tablet.


Assets and Trade Options

A core benefit of trading binary options is having access to a variety of global assets to trade and in this area, 23Traders does not disappoint. Traders can access a vast selection of assets including stocks, currencies, indices and commodities. 

To top it off, the assets are coupled with attractive trading options such as Call/Put, Speed Options, Long Term, One Touch, Pairs, Ladder as well as FX/CFD. The trading options can be traded over flexible expiry durations, including long term, medium and short term durations thereby catering to the different preferences of traders.

A 23Traders review cannot be complete without highlighting their lucrative rates, with a single successful trade attracting a payout as high as 85%. One Touch options offer higher payouts which range between 300% and 700% for trades that end in the money. 

The rate of return is clearly marked on the trading platform for each trade so a trader knows exactly what they stand to earn even before they make an investment. At any time that a trader requires assistance or training on the platform, the 23Traders support team can be contacted with ease. 


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