Tuesday, 28 March 2017

About 23Traders Main Features Reviews

Founded in 2013, 23Traders has garnered the respect and the trust of the online financial trading community. The online trading provider is the brain child of 23 traders who utilized their accumulated expertise and experience to create an intuitive and streamlined trading platform alongside a team of account managers who follow the traders through their trades. From using 23Traders services it is evident that a great deal of thought and effort has been put into them for the benefits of its clients.
Security & Cyber
In the age of cyber warfare, 23Traders is well aware of the need to protect its clients' funds and private information. 23Traders reviews its systems around the clock to check for any bugs or cyber-fare activities. Its clients can make sure they are protected by checking the lock icon in the browsers' address bar. A locked icon means that you are O.K., otherwise give a call to their friendly support team. In addition, they use SSL encryption, the highest level of cyber security available. All their systems are guarded by a high end enterprise level firewall, preventing unwanted access.
Another layer of protection lies in how 23traders reviews clients' identity. They are extremely cautious of any type of activity that might be associated with money laundering and support of terror, that's why they'll ask you for forms of identification. These security checks show how serious they are about protecting clients' funds, after all nobody wants to see his gains transferred to somebody else's account. In addition, these identification measures are adhering to the regulations made by Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC).
Information & Education
The cumulative experience of the 23 traders is put for a great use in their Academy section. They've seem to put a lot of effort into providing information to their traders, a feature that lets you make educated and informed trades. Their daily market news blog should be on any trader's daily reading list. The blog updates every morning with the latest news from major financial markets and other events that might influence them. A free of charge weekly webinar is a more personal way to learn all the features the trading platform has to offer and to scale your trades with more complex financial instruments. We strongly suggest following 23traders' economic calendar that highlights upcoming events that have the potential to shake and move markets. It is an extremely easy way to plan ahead your trades.

Minimum deposit requirement are not that high at 23Traders, 250$ or 500$, depends whether you register with a credit card or via your bank account. I guess the best way to decide how much money to put is to ask for the advice of one of the account managers. They are extremely friendly and very well informed and soon will be a part of your trading experience.

23Traders is an online trading provider, using the highest levels of cyber security to ensure its clients' cyber safety. Created by 23 traders who dedicated their expertise and experience to upscale the user experience and trading opportunities for other traders. Combined with strict cyber security measures, 23traders reviews its systems and the identification of its clients to protect their privacy and funds. The information provided by 23traders academy, webinars and daily market blog complete the traders' experience with beneficial information for learned and informed decisions. 

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